clear water vessels


  • Internal Bladders seperating the Liquid and Air
  • No Permanent regulation system required
  • No Electricity required to operate the surge vessel
  • Specially designed bladder with AS4020 approval for use with Drinking Water
  • Used for clear water, potable water and raw water with no solids or sediments
  • Available in vertical (100L to 70000L) and horizontal (500L to 125,000L) orientation
  • Design pressures up to 80 bar
  • For Seawater Applications the vessel can be manufactured in Carbon Steel with a Duplex Outlet as the outlet is the only item in contact with the water – this is a major cost saving advantage!
  • Green Energy Solution – Virtually maintenance free and a more reliable hydro-pneumatic solution

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A bladder surge vessel or bladder surge tank has the same mission with regard to surge control as the traditional compressor vessel.

The objective of this pneumatic solution is to simplify the method of regulation. In a similar way to a vessel controlled by compressors, a pre-charge pressure is calculated to give the required elasticity to push the water into the system following a pump shut down or power cut.

The major difference being that the liquid is contained within a rubber bladder (AS4020 Approved for use with drinking water). Therefore, as there is no contact between the compressed air and the water there is no dissolution. There is thus no requirement for a permanent regulation system including compressors, complicated control systems and extensive maintenance. If the Bladder vessel or Bladder tank is fitted with the correct level monitoring equipment, then it is virtually maintenance free.

Once the vessel has been commissioned and the correct precharge has been introduced, the vessel will operate automatically emptying when called upon and refilling with the return waves until naturally refinding its steady state balance.

Charlatte have been successfully manufacturing bladder vessels from 8L to 125,000L.


Clear Water Bladder Surge Vessels can either be horizontal or vertical. It is manufactured from carbon steel containing a Butyl or Nitrile bladder depending on the application it will be used with. All vessels come with flanged connections to connect straight onto the pipework and is equipped with an anti-extrusion grill. Vessels can also be manufacturing in 316 Stainless Steel if required by design.

The vessels are treated internally with food quality epoxy paint as corrosion protection and externally to client specification.

In order to verify the level in the vessel it can be equipped with a differential pressure transmitter which offers 24 hour monitoring and is connected back to the PLC/SCADA control system. The vessels are also equipped with pressure gauges to verify the initial precharge pressure.
If hydraulically required the vessel can also be be equipped with a non return valve with an incorporated bypass in order to mitigate the over pressure caused by the flow reversal.