SAFE SURGE is the largest supplier of Bladder Surge Vessels in the Australiasia Region. We specialise in surge mitigation with the use of bladder surge vessels as well as other methods. These specialised bladder surge vessels are used in a wide range of applications such as surge protection, pressure regulation, pump cycle control, expansion vessels and storage vessels. A primary use for these bladder surge vessels is protection of pipe networks. Typically this means to eliminate surge or water hammer. Surge is a liquid pressure transient that can occur due to pump shutdown, pump start-up and sudden valve actuations. Surges can produce fatigue and catastrophic failure of the pipes.

Safe Surge offers the complete solution from start to finish. This includes verification of vessel sizing in hydraulic models such as Bentley and HYTRAN, detailed vessel design, Vessel Design Verification as per AS3920, the supply of Pressure Vessels in accordance with AS1210, the supply of pressure relief valves in accordance with AS1271, delivery and on-site commissioning by one of our trained and experience personnel. All our products are renowned for their operation and reliability. All our products come with detailed Operation and Maintenance manuals for easy installation, operation and maintenance.

SAFE SURGE exclusively represents Charlatte Reservoirs S.A.S in the Australasia region. For over 50 years, Charlatte Reservoirs has been the world leader in hydro pneumatic bladder surge vessels (with and without bladders) and has been manufacturing hydro pneumatic bladder surge vessels for the Australasia Market since 2002 with great references such as the Victorian Desalination Plant, QCLNG, Perth Desalination I, II and Phase 2. Charlatte Reservoirs specialise in the design and manufacture of bladder surge vessels for different fluids such as potable water, raw water, waste water, sea water and petro-chemical industries (such as AVTUR and Diesel). Charlatte also designs and manufactures for special applications and fluids, feel free to contact us at any time.