Project Name: QGC QCLNG
Vessel Type/Volume:
Hydrochoc 50000L (x3)
Hydrochoc 25000L
Hydrochoc 20000L
Hydrochoc 10000L
Hydrochoc 8000L (x2)

Description: Charlatte Hydrochoc Bladder Vessel for Raw water application

Project Name: RedBank PS
End User: Queensland Urban Utilities
Vessel Type/Volume: EUV 23000L
Description: Charlatte Hydrochoc Bladder Vessel for Waste water application

Project Name: QUU Gowan Road
End User: Queensland Urban Utilities
Vessel Type/Volume: EUV 5000L
Description: Charlatte Hydrochoc Bladder Vessel for Waste water application

Project Name: Wappa Dam
End User: SEQ Water
Vessel Type/Volume: Inverted Hydrochoc 6500L Bladder Surge Vessel
Description: Charlatte inverted Hydrochoc Bladder Vessel for Raw water application


A Bladder Surge Vessel is a surge control device installed with an Internal Rubber Bladder. The bladder vessel is pre-charged with air to give the required stored energy volume to push water into the network during a surge transient.

The main advantages of Bladder Surge Vessels are there is no need for complicated controls and/or compressor systems. There is absolutely no dissolution of the air into the water and thus no requirement for a permanent regulation system. Once the vessel is commissioned with the modelled pre-charge the vessel will operate automatically, emptying and refilling during a surge transient.

In addition to this, if the vessel is fitted with the recommended level monitoring controls the surge vessel can be monitored on the local SCADA PLC and eliminate the need of regular maintenance. Please contact us for more information on this.

In Australia, we have bladder surge vessels ranging from 100L to 125,000L all which are commissioned and operating. We have bladder surge vessels in QLD and on major projects around Australia including the Victorian Desalination Plant which has 11 x 125,000L Bladder Surge Vessels. These are the largest bladder vessels ever commissioned.